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Up for auction is 6+ Japan Blue Endler juveniles, 8+ weeks of age, a golf ball size portion of christmas moss and 2 floating yarn mops (5-7".)  This is the perfect combo if you are looking to breed these endlers in the tank without worrying about removing fry!  The moss and mops provide a near perfect hiding spot for new born fry to avoid predation.  These endlers are absolutely beautiful and are perfect for colony breeding.  They will breed true for the most part but will throw the occasional red.  The Christmas Moss is thriving in my tanks and do have more available upon request.  (There may be Pond and ramshorn snails in the Christmas moss.  I will do my best to get most of them out.)  The spawn mops are made out of 100% acrylic yarn and 100% cork floats.  Just soak them in warm water over night and throw them in your tank!

Shipping: Shipping is FREE on this auction!!!  However, I do ask for a $5.00 box/insulation/heatpack fee.  I ship through the USPS with priority mail in an insulated box with heatpacks.  I will be shipping these out on the Saturday following the auctions close so prompt payment is appreciated.  I will contact you following the close of auction with your total and where to send payment.  
Thanks for looking and happy Bidding!

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