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As with any guppy keeper, there is a large tank that gets the left over, the not perfect but too nice to dispatch, and the ones that just need to move to make tank space. We are no exception. And as guppies do, they have reproduced like crazy when we weren't watching. This auction is for a scoop (15 to 20+) of fry and juveniles. No guarantee of sex, ratio, age, or color. They do come from quality lines but are no longer purebred. If you are looking for something that will really make a tank pop these are for you. The colors and different traits will really make your tank a show stopper. As you can see from the pictures we are seeing some interesting colors and patterns in the mature males. The fish you will recieive are healthy and thriving!

We have tons of these guys and need to make room so if you want more than a scoop just let me know at the close of auction and I will give you an updated total!

Shipping for this auction will be $12.00 through USPS priority mail. You do have the option of having them shipped express for $49.00. Just let me know at the close of auction! I would like to ship these the Saturday following the close of auction so prompt payment is appreciated.
Thanks for looking and happy bidding
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