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Up for auction is 6+ japan blue endlers 8+ weeks of age.  This is a line that I have been working on for a while.  The first trio I recieved of this strain was very "loose" and was throwing a bunch of interesting traits.  I've selectively bred most of them out and focused on the strain standards.  The majority of fry you will recieve will end up having the round tail but I have been trying to increase the dominance of the flagtail which the male pictured below has.  They will also throw the occassional red which is absolutely stunning.  These are a lot of fun.  They are perfect for colony breeding and are very undemanding.  The females have large fry drops and everyone seems to leave the fry alone!  

Shipping is a flat $10.00 for this auction through the USPS priority mail and express shipping is $49.00.  I have a bunch of these and will sell extras at the close of auction if you are interested in getting a bigger group.   I would like to ship these the Monday following the close of auction so prompt payment is appreciated. 

Thanks for looking and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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