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Up for auction is a proven breeding pair of Characondon Audax, AKA "The Black Prince" and 2 fry around a month old that come from completely different genetics!  The pair you will recieve is pictured in the youtube video.  These fish are critically endangered in the wild and are not often seen in the hobby.  Hobbyists like you and I play a big role in helping conserve fish that are struggling to survive in their natural habitat.  Unfortunately, inbreeding is a big problem when hobbyists keep these lines becuase of how hard they are to come by.  Here is your chance to get fish from two different lines.

From my experience with "The Black Prince" are pretty simple to breed in your aquarium.  They are livebearers and will drop a new batch of fry every 2 months if they are happy.  They are big time fry eaters though so give them a ton of cover or have a seperate tank ready to grow out fry!  I recommend keeping the fry you recieve from me in a seperate, species only tank than the adult pair I send you.

Shipping is $12.00 for this auction with USPS priority mail or $49.00 for USPS express.  I would like to ship these the Monday following the close of auction.  I can also ship on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday if Monday is not convenient for you.  

Payment is expected within 48 hours of the close of auction.  If you fail to make payment within the alotted 48 hours, I reserve the right to deem the transaction void. 

Thanks for looking and happy bidding!

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