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Up for auction is 5+ zoogoneticus tequila juveniles.  They are 6 weeks old and around a half an inch and growing fast.  They are currently eating baby brine shrimp, vinegar eels, microworms, and high quality crushed flake/pellets.  Pictured below is the father of the fry you will recieve.  

The story of this goodeid is absolutey astounding and really shows what hobbyists like you and I can do to help preserve threatened, endangered, critically endangered, and extinct in the wild species.  Z. Tequila went extinct in the wild due to environment destruction and invasive species.  Long story short, thanks to a group of hobbyists keeping and breeding this amazing fish; they were reintroduced into their native habitat and are on the rebound in the wild.  

This fish is a very easy one to breed in your home aquarium.  I recommend keeping them in atleast a 20 gallon that is planted or has plenty of cover because they are big fry eaters!  I actually move females when they are about to drop fry into my grow out tank to ensure survival.  Juveniles seem to leave fry alone and the mother is too busy chasing older fish to prey on her own fry.  They aren't very picky eaters but definitely apreciate live and frozen foods.  If you can't tell these are one of my favorite fish and I highly recommend them. 


Shipping is FREE for this auction! I do ask for a $5.00 box fee though. I ship with the USPS in an insulated box and breather bags. I send extras to cover the rare occurence of any DOA's. I would like to ship these the Monday following the close of auction so prompt payment is appreciated. If you would like me to ship them on a different day than Monday just let me know and we can arrange something else. I ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
I reserve the right to consider this transaction void if payment is not recieved withing 48 hours of the close of auction.

Thanks for looking and happy bidding!



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